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Health & Wellness

Wholesome Health

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7054324.com 2020-05-14as a rule, fight the symptoms of diseases and not the root causes of the diseases. Tonic preparations make the body feed on readymade nutritional constituents with the result that it forgets or discards some of its complex nutrition-making processes. Only a holistic approach will be optimal when we treat an illness or improve the wellness of a person, taking him as a complete person with soul, mind and body. We have to treat the whole person and make his health, not just his physical health, improve, without causing any other illness or side-effect. By increasing wholesome health, we mean the improvement of the bodily, mental and spiritual state and functions of the whole person.


The universally accepted definition of immunity is the ability to resist diseases. This resistance may be passive like the transfer of antibodies from a mother to her baby through breast milk or active like the immunity acquired through inoculation. Any lessening in the activity of the immune system can lead to diseases like inflammations and cancer. A hyperactive immune system is also dangerous as it attacks healthy tissues as in diabetes mellitus type 1. Supplying antioxidants to fight free radicals is the essential function of wellness preparations that boost immunity, because antioxidants protect cells from free radicals that damage cells and repair the cells that are already damaged. Fruits and vegetables and traditional herbal supplements are generally recommended as good sources of antioxidants.

Life Style

As countries became more developed and people got more money, they began to eat more sugary foods, meat preparations, oily foods, dairy products, cooking these themselves or getting these from fast food outlets. Alcoholic beverages also became more affordable as people were financially better off and they began to consume more of such drinks. Coupled with this, more and more people succumbed to sedentary habits, discarding regular exercises and relying more and more on machines that saved them from manual labour. As a result, diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, osteoporosis, obesity, depression, atherosclerosis, renal failure and hypertension, called lifestyle diseases, became widespread. Change of life style, with less junk food, more vegetables and fruits, abstention from smoking and drinking and regular exercises are generally recommended to protect oneself from these diseases and to control them if not completely cure them. There are also good herbal preparations that help in protecting from lifestyle diseases and in reducing the damages caused by such diseases.


When excess body fat accumulates in a person to such an extent that it reduces life expectancy and increases health problems, obesity has set in. Excessive energy-intake through food, less physical activity and genetic susceptibility are the three main causes, though there are a few other causes like psychiatric illness, endocrine disorders, some medications and genes. The increasing cases of obesity in young adults and even children have made obesity one of the leading preventable causes of death worldwide. Some doctors and health authorities view obesity as a serious public health problem of this century. This year, in 2013, obesity has been classified as a disease by the American Medical Association. There are several herbal extracts, like the extract of Noni fruit, that have the ability to reduce weight and fight obesity without having to starve for long periods or engage in exhausting exercises.


About two thirds of the approximately 150,000 deaths that take place each day in the world die of diseases that are age-related. In industrialized or developed nations the proportion reaches 90%. Biologically, cellular senescence is the limitation or declining of the ability of the cells to divide and organismal senescence is the ageing of organisms. There are irreversible series of changes like the increased risk of disease and lessening of the ability to respond to stress which finally culminate in death. Bio-gerontologists treat ageing as a disease and more and more scientists are considering senility a potentially treatable genetic condition. There are several herbal extracts that slow down the process of ageing and reduce the disabilities associated with it. Some of these have been traditionally used by several generations of old people with reliable efficacy.

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